Weather Station

For 2-meters and 70-cm, I am using a COMET GP-9 mounted on an eave-fascia mount purchased from Denny's (

Eave-Fascia Mount

Above is a picture of the eave-fascia mount from Denny's web site. The mast is not included; I used the 5 foot mast from Radio Shack (Model 1016-6, Catalog 15-297) and both work very well. The antenna, with the mast and mount, survived Hurricane Sandy, where we had gusts of up to 68 mph and sustained winds of 40+ mph for over a day.

For HF, I completed a 5-band Cobweb based upon the design of Steve G3TXQ (

It is at a height of 28 feet above the ground using surplus DoD fiberglass mast sections acquired from eBay. I would like to get the antenna height to at least 32+ feet, but not with the current mast sections.....too much wiggle and not enough courage. 

I used 16-gauge marine grade wire for each of the bands;  it is tinned stranded copper with a UV-resistant PVC jacket.  The support sections are 3/8" fiberglass poles inserted into 1/2" fiberglass poles, all from DX Engineering ( The balun, was built to G3TXQ's specs and was enclosed in a weather proof electrical box from Lowe's; the support sections and the support pole from the balun are mounted with stainless hardware to a 1-foot square, 1/4" thick, piece of aircraft grade aluminum (6061). It was guyed with 550 paracord in 5 has survived 56 mph gusts, an ice storm, and countless birds.  What it didn't survive from was a very narrow bandwidth.  It was taken down and now I'm setting up a QSO King end-fed antenna from Bruce, NU0R. 

Here is a picture of the 5-band Cobweb when it was installed:

 Cobwebb HF Antenna